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20 years focusIndustry leader of Production and research technology

Shangjiu is the professional sunshade manufacturing enterprises which set Professional design ,Research and development, Production and sales as one

Modern manufacturing base with a construction area of more than 15 thousand sq.m

Strictly implement the ISO/TS16949:2009 quality control process and development process


Selection of new raw materialsSafety and environmental protection

New plastic injection,scientific ratio, Resistance high and low temperature, no peculiar smell

New aluminum profile,high temperature bracket, to ensure stable and no deformation

Imported printing and dyeing textile materials,green environmental protection, high color fastness and no odor toxicity

Hundreds of materials to choose from,to ensure that the sunshade and vehicle interior perfect matching


Layer by layer testGive you the most assured quality

Flame retardant performance testt,Attain theDIN5510、NFF16101and other international standards for fire prevention

Sunshade corrosion resistance test - No rust, Bright surface,and always looks as new

Sunshade durability test - Composite pullingup to 30000-80000 times,is the ordinary products5-16 times

High and low temperature change of plastic parts test-No deformation and no brittle crack with the high or low temperature


Professional equipment, high productivity Ensure on-time delivery

Automatic laser cutting to ensure the unity of the precision of the batch products

Independent research and development of professional production and processing equipment, with annual output of more than150,0000 sets of various types of sunshade,andproduction capacity can be expanded to ensure the timely delivery of bulk orders

Individualization customization ability


Service Hotline:021-3655-0102 我要咨询

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Shanghai Jiuyi Automoblie Parts co., LTD.

Shanghai Jiuyi Automoblie Parts co., LTD.(Original: Shanghai Long Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of auto shade products in china. Have a more than 20 years of sun curtain research and development experience of professional excellent team. The range of use of the product covers passenger cars, heavy trucks, construction machinery, rail transit and agricultural machines...


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Structural Characteristics and Application of Rocker Shade

Rocker Shade Curtain is one of the six products of ShangjiuSupported by shangjiu plastic rocker arm, plastic rocker arm is one of the patented products (patent No. ZL 2012 2 0360375.5), coreless torsion spring assembly technology, built-in self-locking structure, without guide rod.Installation is simple and firm. The curtain ends are fixed by self-tapping screw. The plastic rocker arm support makes the curtain stretch smoothly and without wrinkles. At the same time, the curtain will not be swayed by the vibration of the car body. It is stable and reliable.First, the product structure mainly includes:Curtain cloth, spring coiling mechanism assembly, drum shell, pull-down rod, pull-down handle, plastic geometric concave-convex connecting rod, plastic rocker arm connecting device, plastic rocker arm rotating mechanism and so on.Second. Working Principle:Pull down the shade curtain, keep the curtain flat under the action of two plastic rocker arm geometric connecting rods on the back. Built-in self-locking structure can lock the shade in the process of slowly pulling down and letting go. After the lock is fixed, the shade can be automatically rolled down.Third, product advantages:It has high precision, strong consistency, no need of self-spraying paint, rust-proof, non-decolorization, leaf springs hidden in the overall hinges, beautiful, flat, process ornamental.Fourth, product application areas:The shade curtain with Shangjiu rocker arm structure is widely used in various types of highway passenger cars, engineering vehicles, freight trucks, railway engineering vehicles and so on.More customized rocker shade curtain and loading effect details are welcome to contact the long shade.Customer service hotline: 13916834587

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How to choose and buy sunshade for engineering machinery?
Where can I use the sunshade?
Beautiful, exquisite and environmental protection, can be used in many fields, such as: ship, plane, family bedroom, company office, hotel and so on.Easy to install, comfortable to stretch, make your area beautiful and keep you in good mood.